Dot Point CS

Dot Point Customer Service provides innovative training, mentoring, programming and evaluation in all aspects of Customer Service implementation and improvement

We will tailor a cost effective, deliverable and measurable customer service solution to meet your business needs and budget.

We will meet with you, with no commitments and demonstrate how we can help you:

Improve and measure your customer service delivery

Exceptional customer service drives any business. We will help you review and improve your service, develop a true customer service culture and provide mechanisms for you to measure customer satisfaction to create repeat business.

Train your staff in structured workshops and one on one training in how to deliver quality customer service, upsell, close a sale and win repeat customers.

We will provide your staff with the tools and confidence to provide exceptional service including effective use body language, verbal cues, suggestive selling and identifying customers’ needs and wants. Great customer service and repeat sales should not happen by accident but rather through design, education and planning. Remember you can’t deliver exceptional customer service unless you have exceptional people working with you.

Increase your average spend, increase your social media hits and web-based ratings

Increased profitability is a result of increased sales, online sales and positive review and comments are essential for all businesses. We will help you receive positive social media response and a greater volume of online sales and inquiries.

Develop and implement customer loyalty and retention programmes and special short term promotions

Instore and online promotions should yield immediate responses and rewards. We will show you how to conduct immediate response, retain you customers and develop promotions that that are cost effective, measureable and easy to administer and track.

Engage with your community and connect with new customers

We will guide you through the steps to build and work with your product and service related community. Reaching out to affinity groups and community will build brand awareness and loyalty. This is an undervalued method in building a broader customer base and hence increases loyalty and sales.

Evaluate your business systems and processes to help you build a true, measureable customer focus

Often the simplest changes can impact on improved customer service responses and greater sales. The positioning of your Point of Sale, the type of equipment you use, the positioning of fixtures and fittings, the online technology used and level of user friendly systems can all have a marked impact on your business success. Let us evaluate your systems and processes so that we can help you make it easier for you customers to be happy to do business with you.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

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